Trevor Dion Nicholas – The Genie in the West End production of Disney’s Musical version of Aladdin – came in to work with our students at Musical Theatre Masterclass. He was blown away by the amount of talent in the room and said “These kids are fantastic! The amount of talent in the room is exciting, it’s palpable!”

Read his inspiring 5 questions in 5 minutes below!

1. What first inspired you to become an actor/performer?

I first got into performing through an improv class that my father took me to as an 8 year old. I was a very energetic child, and my parents were kind enough to attempt to direct that energy into something productive instead of snuffing it out. I enjoyed being on stage so much I just kept going and never stopped!

2. How do you prepare for an audition?

For an audition I attempt to know my material as well as possible. Any information I can learn about the character I’m going in for or history about the production I’ll study as well. Most importantly though, once I get into the room, I’m prepared to throw all that prep out the window and be flexible to what the casting/creative team asks me to adjust and/or change with my performance. I feel the strongest abilities a performer can bring to the audition room are listening and adapting.

3. How do you approach your character ahead of the first rehearsal day?

Preparing for the first day of rehearsal is similar to an audition for me. As much knowledge that I can possibly fit in my brain to familiarize myself with the material, the characters, the setting, or the historical relevance and impact of the piece. But still being willing to throw all of that out the window to serve the creative teams vision of the story they want to tell. Flexibility from day one is key.

4. What top tips would you give a student training for a career in Musical Theatre?

Anyone embarking on a career in the theatre has to get very comfortable with the word “No”, as you’ll hear it a lot. It’s not always a reflection of your talents or capabilities. Sometimes it’s timing, sometimes you’re just not what they’re looking for. Resilience to this word is important for the long haul as a performer. Even once you’ve booked a gig, you’ll still hear it. When ideas you have are shot down, or when changes are made as you build original stories and characters. Comfort with “No” can save you from a lot of grief.

5. You’re a Broadway/West End idol! Who is YOUR idol? Which actor(S) do you still look up to and even aspire to?

Ben Vereen!!!! For the longest time I have idolized this mans abilities and nuances. It began when I would watch Zoobilee Zoo as a kid in the 80s and then as I worked backwards into his performances in Pippin and Jesus Christ Superstar. The amount of respect I have for Ben Vereen is immeasurable!

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A little bit about Trevor:

Trevor Dion Nicholas (@astonishingtrev) was born in Morgantown, West Virginia and attended West Virginia University with a focus in acting.

In May of 2016 Trevor made his West End debut as Genie in Disney’s Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre, for which he was awarded the 2017 What’s On Stage Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Trevor came to London following his Broadway debut as the Genie in the production of Disney’s Aladdin currently still running!

Trevor is also the voice of the Announcer in Dreamgirls currently running at the West Ends Savoy Theatre and has had the privilege of performing on Sunday Night at the Palladium and the 2016 Royal Variety Performance for ITV as well as Children in Need for BBC One.

Other previous credits include the US National Tour of Big River, Super Fly: The Musical, Ragtime, 25th… Spelling Bee, Into The Woods, The Wiz as well as appearing on the Emmy Award winning FX television series The Americans.

Trevor is the songwriter as well as primary vocalist for the original Alternative Indie Soul band Neighborhood Goliath (@neighborgoliath), who independently released their debut E.P. Between Satellites & Settling in 2015 and their first full length album, Monster Victim Witness, in 2017.

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